Sadili smo krompir

P5071585Ko je treba saditi krompir, vreme večkrat nagaja. Tudi letos ni šlo tako, kot bi želeli. Zadnje dni je deževalo, nazadnje pa se je zemlja le dovolj posušila.
. . .
Sodeloval sem s fotoaparatom 🙂


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5 thoughts on “Sadili smo krompir

  1. Miloš super, šele sedaj vidim kako ta sadilec deluje in kako vse skupaj poteka. Saj sem skozi ko sadimo traktorist.-bravo, tukaj se vse vidi, res čisto vse, super.

    Všeč mi je

  2. Great visual story of how these potatoes are planted! Very very interesting! The amazing photos and videos clearly explained to me the activities needed to plant potatoes on Janez and Breda’s farm.

    The hand crafted wagon made me so happy as it is still functional as a tool. I love self-sufficiency and conservationism. Things built by people at home (garages) rather than bought from factories makes me happy. Until now I thought that that wagon was only still in use as a prop for taking nice pictures with Lena.

    Also, I enjoyed trying to figure out the purpose of the “geared” wheel on the back of the “Mami / Breda” trailer. We think it must be to power the potato dropping wheels that separates the potatoes into even intervals as they drop down into the soil. This is my guess anyway.

    There is a satisfaction to looking at this story of pictures. And although they are not paleo, I am sure I must try some of these home grown potatoes when Tina and I come back to visit Slovenia. They are sure to be extremely delicious as I now have experiential insights to how they were grown.

    Všeč mi je

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